It is time.

About nine years ago I bought a LaCie elctronblue III tube monitor. Its nineteen inches of glass glory were a big revelation. The color fidelity of this monitor was above and beyond the other offerings of its time. It had fantastic color, extensive manual controls, and a unique tube shade that kept glare away from it. Well, time has moved on, and I think it’s time for me to get a new monitor. There’s a few reasons for this. Namely, 1280×1024 is not enough pixels these days. The monitor also drifts from its calibration at a faster rate, and I have to push the power values on the RGB guns and brightness/contrast too much. There isn’t much headroom left on this old girl.

I’ve been looking at monitors and to get the kind of panel I want (an IPS panel) requires spending a lot of money. The cheapest ones were usually in the $550-$600 range. Well, I think my wait is over, as I’ve found an NEC flat panel for about $300 that has an IPS panel. Score! The reviews I’ve read have been very positive, too. Hopefully monitor manufacturers have finally taken the hint that response time isn’t what everyone is looking for. Some of us do care about color and viewing angles.

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