PayPal’s stupidity.

Tell me this.

How can PayPal instantly take money away from you, yet not be able to give it back without making you wait a week?

Somebody tried buying eBay gift certificates using my account (I have no idea if either my paypal or eBay stuff was compromised; I changed all of the security on both just to be sure) and boom, $200 gone, just like that. Fortunately I have savings that can account for that, but Christ! After I got the email notifying me of this transaction, I went into PayPal and immediately cancelled the gift cert and filed an unauthorized use claim just so that they were aware of it.

But this means now that I have to wait for the refund to clear and show up in my PayPal balance (which will take a few days), and then after that put it back into my bank account, which will take another few days. It’s not a real big deal, as I can account for this via savings, but it is mighty annoying. How is making people wait a week after an unauthorized transaction customer service? It isn’t.

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