Serious Monkey Business

OCRemix finally released Serious Monkey Business, their DKC2 remix project. It’s both a spiritual and literal successor to their DKC1 set, Kong in Koncert. Donkey Kong Country 2 has always had one of my favorite soundtracks. A lot of winners, and very few losers. Does this remix project stack up in terms of the original? In my opinion, it’s good. It’s not perfect, as there’s a couple of loser tracks. Overall, though, I enjoyed many more of the tracks on this release than I did on, say, their FF4 release.

I’d like to do some track-by-track reviews of this (a la my DoD reviews) but that might not happen until the weekend rolls around. I would say to at least check out Re-Skewed, the track done by David Wise along with Grant Kirkhope and Robin Benaland. Dave Wise did the original soundtrack for both Donkey Kong Country 1 and 2, and his skills as a musician shine on this track. It’s easily the best track in the album. There’s also several excellent tracks, many very good ones, and a few stinkers. I’ll work on this a bit more over the weekend, but suffice to say that I do recommend that you at least check it out.

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