It’s Not Easy Being Green

You love it, I love it, the Irish love it. Yes indeed, it’s Saint Patrick’s day, where every office cafeteria serves up its attempt at corned beef and cabbage. Besides green beer and Incredible Hulk pizza, there’s one element of St. Patrick’s Day that I always seek out. It’s the elusive Shamrock Shake. Yes, this mythical beast, which only comes out of hiding but once a year, has been a target of mine every March. The thick, minty flavor of Shamrock Shakes appeal to the inner Irishman in me… even though that’s only a fraction of an inner Irishman.

Most know that the Shamrock Shake is like finding hen’s teeth. Not every McDonald’s carries it, let alone in the same region. I might not be able to get one here in Waltham, for instance, but maybe they have them in Watertown. The thick, creamy goodness of the minty madness drives many people to search for this esoteric beverage choice. There’s even entire websites dedicated to tracking shamrock shake availability.

Of course, you don’t need McDonald’s to have a Shamrock Shake. Indeed, any ice cream shop worth their salt will make a milkshake using mint chocolate chip ice cream. You can even make it even more Irish by throwing in some Bailey’s Irish Cream. So let’s celebrate dear old St. Patty by downing our liquified mint ice cream beverages, for everlasting peace!

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