Late to the Party

I will play Final Fantasy XIII about a month later than everybody else. I am okay with this. Namely, it gives people who find all of the secrets time to do that, just in case if I have trouble or something. To be honest, though, I need to be in the right kind of mood to play Final Fantasy. Birthdays are that kind of mood. I spent many a birthday playing Final Fantasies of past. It feels right that it should be around that time again.

Final Fantasy II (as in, SNES II) was released on Virtual Console last week. I’ve been debating on whether or not to buy it. It wasn’t my first RPG; the honor of that goes to the first Dragon Warrior. Nevertheless, it was the first fairly deep RPG I played, and it was right about the age that I could make sense of it at ten or eleven years old. I already own three other copies of the game, including the original cartridge (which I can’t play due to lack of SNES). I’ve played this game so many times that I’m not sure I could play it again… especially after playing the DS remake.

However, the original SNES version just has so many memories in it. Nostalgia is clouding my judgment. It has a ton of terrible translation mistakes, the game had a ton of stuff ripped out compared to its original release, and yet… it was still really fun. Plus, I’d like to play it in progressive scan on my nice, big TV. For years I played that game on the SNES on a very small TV of dubious quality. Being able to play it on my own big TV would be pretty nice. Plus, Square can’t help but to separate me from my money. They always seem to have a way of doing that.

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