Rain Delay

This weekend’s weather here in the Boston area has been terrible. The rain has not stopped, and we’ve gotten ten inches (inches!) of rain. Roads are closed, traffic is snarled, life is unpleasant. Fortunately, my neighborhood has pretty good drainage. We don’t have any floods in our streets. My office, on the other hand, is a different story.

Behind the second building in our complex (which consists of about four or five buildings) is a very low parking lot next to a swamp. This swamp has a tendency to flood after heavy rains. It’s really strange seeing an entire parking lot under water that’s navigable with a boat.

The rain this weekend gave me the time to finish Mega Man 10. I’ve got some mixed feelings on the game. On the one hand, it was pretty fun to play. On the other, it’s not as completely free of bullshit as I thought it was. Unfortunately, that bullshit is right near the end. That’s the worst – burning up all of your E/W tanks right before the (second to last) boss. I’m not going to ruin it but suffice to say that the pre-teleporter area is a bit of a dick move. The game did have a lot of fun moments, but it just didn’t feel like it rose to the occasion like Mega Man 9 did.

I’m honestly not quite sure where they can take classic Mega Man from this point without bridging the original and X series. Unfortunately, that seems extremely unlikely to happen. Too bad, because I’d really like to see what finally offed Dr. Wily.

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