I watched two trailers this morning: One for Iron Man 2, and the other for Tron Legacy. Both were full of such sheer awesome I’m not sure if my computer screen exploded afterwards or if I was tripping on visual LSD. I had to stop and sit down so I could fully contemplate these things.

Iron Man was one of my favorite films of 2008. No, it wasn’t best picture quality, but there was just so much right with it that it’s hard not to enjoy. Robert Downey, Jr., as Tony Stark is brilliant casting. The man was meant to play that role. The movie was funny and compelling, which sat better with me than the Dark Knight (as much as I love Batman). It’s hard to believe the sequel’s going to be out in about two months. A Crimson Dynamo/Whiplash-esque character might not have been my first choice as villain (are we really going to have to wait for Iron Man 3 to see The Mandarin?), but it just has to be written well to be good.

Then we have Tron Legacy, a sequel to a film made nearly thirty years ago. Academy Award Winning Actor Jeff Bridges (I loved typing that just now) reprises his role as Flynn. I’m looking forward to this film mostly on technical grounds. Although I can’t see 3D (no depth perception), I imagine the movie will still look fantastic. My interest mostly centers on how they will make the computer environment look. It should naturally be ahead of the world of the first Tron, but the first Tron has kind of a timeless appeal to it. The world of Tron is so different than the real world and the effects done so well that it holds up well even today.

2009 was a good year for movies for me, but surprisingly I have not seen one film in a theater yet in 2010. I guess I have just been too busy for movies.

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