Rock Band Network

Last week the Rock Band Network store went live on the XBox 360. This is good news for everyone, because it means more DLC every day! The bad news will be, of course, for our wallets. With more and more content on the way, it’ll be tougher to keep up on everything.

This means that hopefully lesser known acts can get to us faster than going through the normal queue at Harmonix. Thankfully, it means we’ve already gotten some old favorites from Guitar Hero 1, like Even Rats. It’s kind of strange, really – Even Rats was not a particularly hard song on GH1, but I wasn’t really an expert level player like I am now. Playing it now, in the year 2010, it feels surprisingly… easy. Kyle and I gold-starred it on our first try. Somehow, that feels right.

The question – is this too little, too late for the rhythm game industry? Even though Guitar Hero has saturated it to the point of tiredness, I think that music games can be a lasting genre – just like fighting games or first person shooters. But the “buy a disc of songs” model was unsustainable. Fortunately, Harmonix saw this future before Activision did. I’m really looking forward to all of the cool stuff we’ll be getting on RBN. If it means I get more of my favorite tunes, I’m all for it.

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