Mega Man 10

It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. There’s just one flaw – why isn’t there a Woman character? After Splash Woman’s popularity in Mega Man 9, you’d think they would keep it going.

Anyway, yes, some exposition would be nice. Mega Man 10. It still plays in interlaced mode on the Wii (why?)  but I don’t get wacky artifacts like I did in MM9. Good one there. Also, I’m not sure about you guys, but I’m 99.99% sure that Dr. Wily is behind this whole scheme. I mean… why do Mega Man and Dr. Light agree to work with him? Hasn’t past experience shown he can’t be trusted?

I’ve only played a few levels, but I can already tell that the bullshit factor from Mega Man 9 has been toned down a bit, even in Normal mode. The game still relies upon good platforming skills, but a lot of the garbage like “jump over a pit for an enemy to spawn and kill you” is reduced significantly. That’s not fun, so I’m glad it’s been reduced.

I’m also looking forward to doing a Proto Man run. Really getting a good MMX4 vibe when you can choose X or Zero.

I think the one thing I miss in general is the charging Mega Buster (Yes, I know Proto Man has it). The reason is not so much for reducing damage but for having a weapon that makes it easier to hit targets. The bigger shots make it a lot easier to take out small, darting enemies.


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  1. Colin

    I watched Oyster stream it when it came out. I almost want to buy it; it looks much better than MM9. But at the same time, Rock Band Network. Give me money. :(

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