Shipping stuff international is hard.

I just shipped two camera lenses internationally – one to Austria, and the other to Malaysia. Boy, are international addresses confusing. It makes our nice hierarchy in the United States look blastedly simple by comparison. Number, Street, City, State, Zip. Done.

The worst part is that I have no idea if the addresses I put on there are right – I only have what the recipients (who do not speak english as a first language) wrote down. Plus, the USPS international shipping forms and computer tools are quite complex. Unfortunately, there is probably no way to make this fairly easy. I just hope they don’t get stuck with nowhere to go.

I’m kind of sad to see these lenses go. The Bigma and the Beercan both caught a lot of frames for me. I hope they’ll reward their new owners with even more great images.

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  1. Avatar_Mom

    im glad bigma found a home :)

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