Minor 70-400 G notes

Here’s a few things I’ve noticed about the 70-400 G.

  • The tripod collar is compatible with most Manfrotto quick release systems and a vertical grip-equipped a700… so long as you mount it with the release plate longitudinally to the lens.
  • Focusing behaves differently than any other lens I’ve used. Often it will quickly focus and then “snap” into focus. My other lenses don’t really seem to behave this way… at least, I’ve never noticed them to.
  • The lens is designed in such a way as to minimize flare. Lots of velvet flocking inside the lens and super black paint, as opposed to Sigma’s unpainted parts.
  • Widthwise, it’s actually half a millimeter thicker in diameter than the Bigma. However, the Bigma’s tripod collar adds even more diameter to the lens body, while the 70-400’s collar is flush with the body and does not add any more girth.
  • The platinum gray finish is growing on me.
  • It is razor sharp at 400 f/5.6. The background blur isn’t too bad either… in some cases.
  • The weather is still terrible and I haven’t actually gotten to take it outside yet. Sigh. :(

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