This is unexpected.

I just finished doing my 2009 tax return. In a strange turn of events, the IRS (and the state of Massachusetts) owes me money this year. That hasn’t been the case for the past few years. I think there’s a few reasons why this turned out this way  – no bonus from work, for one. Two, I had self-employment income and business expenses related to that, but I still drew a profit, so there weren’t much taxes on that. Plus, I didn’t hit self employment tax on that income, either…

Unfortunately, that money is going straight to paying off bills. Bummer. I’ve already gotten my toy, though, so it’s just as well. Part of being an adult and all – being responsible with money.

I’m not sure how or why people become accountants. I actually roomed with an accounting major for a year in college. Real nice guy, ran track and did other stuff, but he didn’t really seem the accounting type. What drives accountants? I can’t figure it out. Are you an accountant or a tax preparer or something of that sort? Comment and let me know what’s up with your passion for numbers and deductions.


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