Restaurant Reviews

Something I’ve been pondering lately is something I can write up well in advance and be moderately interesting. Well, I’ve been thinking about doing reviews of various restaurants in my area. Not the big restaurants, mind you, but the dives and holes-in-the-wall that dot the landscape in New England. There’s lots of little places that I enjoy – little roast beef houses, lobster shacks, pubs, pizza houses, barbecue pits… the list goes on. Even though they don’t really need a small time chump like me pontificating about their menu choices, I feel that thinking a little more critically about where I go and what I eat is a worthwhile endeavor.

I’ve already got a few planned so far, which will require a few visits to get a feel for.

Kelly’s Roast Beef, Royal Roast Beef, Mimi’s Roast Beef, Upper Crust Pizza, The Skellig, Watch City Brewing Company, John Brewer’s Tavern, Sichuan’s Garden, Shangri-La, Wild Willy’s, Blue Ribbon BBQ.

Since all of these places are within relatively short distance and I eat from them fairly regularly, it shouldn’t be too hard to get some things written up. Hopefully by next month I can get my first one up for you guys (all three of you) to peruse and critique.


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