An interesting estimation

About nine months ago, I bought a green water bottle to use at work for a dollar. It’s about a quart in volume. I fill this bottle up once during the day and it seems to last me all day with a great supply of delicious (or non-flavored, as it were) H20.

Before this, I would use two, perhaps three paper cups throughout the day, either because I’d forget I had one used, or I’d pick another one up for lunchtime, etc. So let’s say I conservatively used two paper cups a day. For nine months, that’s about 270 days, or 540 cups. That’s a lot of cups! Think of all the stuff I could have put together with those cups. Could have made a pyramid, or some kind of model airplane, or a house… or used them as bowling targets!

If I laid these cups out side to side, they’d stretch out 135 feet. You could use them as gun targets, or miniature drums, or even cut out the bottoms and put them on in place of glasses. Could make a stick figure woman and use them as boobs, or put them against your ear and make one of those old timey sound amplifiers!

Indeed, there are many uses for paper cups instead of just drinking from them. All it takes is imagination!

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