The City is Paranoid

The media has finally caught on to something that’s been going on for a long time – photographers getting hassled for taking photographs on the T or in stations. As a fellow transit enthusiast, I feel for my brothers and sisters who are being bothered when snapping away on the T. The T’s official photo policy does not ban photography, yet T workers and T police continually lie and threaten tourists and citizens for legal activities.

Guess what? Photographs aren’t an instrument of terror by themselves. You can’t really do much with the photographs anyway! It’s just people who have nothing better to do wanting to assert their authority and intimidate people. Plus, you would think a terrorist would want to be inconspicuous and, say, use a cellphone camera or a pocket camera. Average photographers with large cameras and lenses are quite conspicuous because, guess what – image quality needs bigger cameras and bigger lenses.

This city in particular has a bug up its behind because it feels guilty. 9/11 happened on their watch and they haven’t gotten over it in, oh, the nearly ten years since. Photographing at BOS can be a chore for this very reason, and it’s not like this in other parts of the country. Of course, most people who aren’t photographers don’t give a shit, because their rights aren’t being impinged on, but just wait until somebody decides to clamp down on something YOU care about or do for no good reason.

I like to believe that police and such are just doing their jobs and want to help me, but their actions say otherwise. Ass-covering tactics and security theater make me roll my eyes so hard that my sockets suffer motion sickness. When people actually start, you know, breaking the law, then go after them.


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