We Play Games so You Don’t Have To

Earlier this week I helped a friend of my friend Ricky with his Let’s Play of BS The Legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets by filling in as a guest commentator. Thanks to the innovation of online video services, playing video games and sharing videos of said playthroughs with other people is easier than ever before.

A few years ago I did Let’s Plays myself. The idea of doing them was pretty fun because you could play a game and add your insight to it – a lot like a sports commentator. However, actually making them is a lot harder than it looks. At the time, the way to do it was record your commentary as you played it, which in retrospect, was really dumb unless you were great at off-the-cuff stuff. If I had the chance to redo my LPs, I would probably redo them with multiple takes and recoding commentary after I’m done playing. Having a script and things to talk about written ahead of time would probably have improved my quality greatly.

See, back then it was more about the trials and tribulations of playing the game – it was as if you and your friends were sitting together playing them and bullshitting and so on. Now, it’s more about presenting the game as if it was played “well,” with few mistakes. So it’s tougher to compare today’s LPs to back then, but you can certainly see how things evolved to how people do it today.

Anyway, go watch that Zelda LP. It’s of a ROM hack for Link to the Past, and it’s not one of those fuck-off hard ones either. The LP is interesting and entertaining and worth burning an hour or so to watch.


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