XBox Abuse Syndrome

Unless you’ve been living under a piece of concrete, you may have heard that XBox 360s aren’t very reliable. I’ve done my dance with the Red Rings (fortunately right before I had gone traveling on a vacation, so I didn’t mind being without it). Yet many people have had far more troublesome experiences than I, like this fellow I read about this morning. You would think at some point that people would stop dealing with Microsoft on this. They’d just pack up and go and move to a different platform.

Alas, I know exactly why people don’t leave. They have a library of games and peripherals. Offing all of this and replacing it with, say, PS3 specific stuff will probably come at a loss, especially on games exclusive to XBox 360. Then account all of what you’ve spent on DLC and XBox Live Arcade games, and, well, that might not be a small amount of money. I have over $300 worth of Rock Band DLC across RB1/2/Beatles. Rebuying all of that on PS3 would be tough, not to mention getting PS3 compatible peripherals. For a lot of people it’s just not economically feasible to switch consoles. It’s a lot worse than camera systems, in a way, because lenses and other gear tend to retain their value very well. Try getting $50 for even a good condition used XBox game on the open market, especially ones that have taken a dive (like Bionic Commando) at retail.

I’d be on board with a class action. Microsoft, in their attempt to beat Sony, cut a shitload of corners in manufacturing and design, and they are paying the price for it by losing money hand over fist on XBox consoles. Their vast economic resources allows them to do this. It’s a shame and Microsoft should pay the piper on that front.

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