Lester’s BBQ

Lester’s BBQ in Burlington, MA is really good. Tony invited me up for some delicious food after a long day of watching airplanes, and I happily obliged. A few weeks earlier I had him come down to Blue Ribbon in Newton, so it’s only fair that we reciprocate. Overall, I’d say Lester’s is pretty good. Yes, this is my attempt to be like Dom, but I didn’t even think about taking photographs of delicious food. Sorry!

Lester’s is very roomy, moreso than Blue Ribbon, which only has a dozen barstools. There’s tables and booths in addition to barstools. Lester’s BBQ is slow pit smoked, as it should be, and the traditional standbys are there. Ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken are all prominently offered along with traditional barbecue sides like mashed potatoes, collard greens, and cornbread. I went with a two meat combo platter, which included pulled pork, ribs, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes with gravy, and a cornbread. Sodas are free refills, so they only offer one cup size, and it’s not a mega-cup, but rather a reasonable sized one. If you want more soda, get up and get it. They also offer alcohol as well, for those so inclined.

The mashed potatoes and gravy were good, similar to blue ribbon. The mac and cheese was also good – not fake cheese, but real melted cheddar cheese. Nice. The ribs were definitely different than Blue Ribbon’s. While BR seems to have a fattier rib, the Lester’s ones seem a bit less juicy. They appear to use a very nice dry rub that won’t offend anyone’s sensibilities. It’s good, but it doesn’t push any spice boundaries. You can always heat things up courtesy of their XXL Hot Sauce, which I found to be quite delicious.

The pulled pork was excellent and it matched perfectly with their vinegar sauce. I think I prefer my friend Roger’s pork and vinegar combination over the ones I get at the restaurants, but these are still quite tasty. The cornbread was perfect – not too dry, not too mushy. Definitely goes great with gravy or juices on the plate.

We also had some of their wings, which are cooked over the pit instead of being fried like most other chicken wings. They were a bit on the dry side, as something that isn’t fried probably would be, but the sauce definitely helped. The chicken was tender and tasty, and it definitely keeps with the whole barbecue motif they have going on here. I would have preferred some more sauce, but you can always put more on it, which I did.

Overall, I’d say it’s quite good, and of course I would visit again. I did try a slice of brisket, and I thought it was good, but I’d need a real plate to judge. That’ll be my next taste test at Lester’s.

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  1. avatar_mom

    you make me so hungry some days…

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