Eclipse Breeze Exotic Berry

I’ll keep this one brief: avoid this gum unless you like cough syrup. I’ve tried Eclipse in the past and always came away from it with distaste. It’s supposed to be strong breath control stuff (by using Cardamom, an Asian… ingredient), and it makes these points prominently on its packaging.

There were two flavors at CVS, Exotic Berry and Exotic Mint. The Exotic Berry came in a violet/magenta colored blisterpack case, similar to Trident White and other chiclet style gum. It’s a rather loud package, with Pantone 877 gold proudly declaring the product’s usage of Cardamom. The design works, but I prefer the new, more laid back Orbit packaging. This is still similar to Trident Splash blisterpacks, which have fairy busy backgrounds. Eclipse has these transparent dots creating some kind of… gas effect. I think.

All of that is beside the point, really. The taste sucks. It’s like swirling cough syrup around in your mouth for a few minutes. There’s a berry flavor, but it’s again a cough syrup fake cherry/strawberry/raspberry flavor. it also smells like it too. I just can’t see anything winning about this combination.

I have fairly good breath, so this gum is pretty much worthless to me.

Verdict: SKIP. Run away. FAR AWAY.

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