Things I wish cameras would do

This isn’t a complaint list, mind you. More like… “Things I’d like to see.”

  • Have a custom function for a beep alert when the camera is reaching a predetermined number of frames remaining on a memory card. For instance, if I’m getting under 10 frames, beep at me each time I take another shot. Obviously, it’s a custom function as this needs the ability to turn off in places where quiet is a necessity.
  • Command dials that push in like a button for more functions – Panasonic has these and they need to come to more manufacturers.
  • Articulated popup flashes. There’s no reason these can’t have a hinge to bounce or redirect the flash around. Especially useful when using these as a flash commander.
  • Systems that have variable antishake should use the antishake system as a means to replace a tilt-shift lens.
  • Have a built in panorama stitching feature.
  • Have a programmable focus limiter for lenses that don’t have one integrated on the lens.
  • Have better strap attachment systems. Make it easier to have both a hand and neckstrap attached, and design better connectors to keep these things from interfering.
  • An iPhone-like touch screen for manipulating images in review mode.
  • Extensible firmware to allow people to add their own features. This will never happen in a million years, but it would be nice.

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