Danger Mouse

No, not the rapper, but the cartoon he took his name from.

Wasn’t it great?

It’s just so British. With Colonel K and his stiff upper lip, Penfold and his bamboozling, and Baron Greenback’s plans to rule the world. It’s a winning combination with a bit of Monty Python flair. It also helps that it has a catchy, memorable theme song. I obviously didn’t know it was British as a kid, but I did catch on to its origin as I grew up.

So, here’s a question for you. Why don’t the British make cartoons anymore? Or, rather, why do British cartoons never air in the US anymore? There’s quite a trade deficit in the cartoon export market. The US and Japan rule the day. Where’s the English in all of this? Have they ceded the market like they did to commercial aviation by partnering in a consortium?

Nowadays I think the only one that most in the USA are familiar with are Aardman, the animators of Wallace and Gromit. Even they took a large hit in the past few years, with the studio fire that destroyed much of their miniatures and sets taking a large toll on their business. Do you think even avearage animation enthusiasts could name more than one British studio, or even the name of the studio that produced Danger Mouse?

I actually did some digging in to this and discovered that state subsidized arts in countries like Canada and France have totally undercut the English market. Shame, the English really have a lock on dry wit, which I enjoy a lot. I call to you, Britons – make more cartoons!

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