Doing some typesetting…

I’ve been working on a website/identity for a website of a friend of mine.

Sparkles Cleaning Service

Sparkles Cleaning

I wanted to give it an elegant feel; when you think of sparkles/sparkly things, you tend to think of clean, straightforward design. I used the gradient drops to create a starburst to invoke feelings of magic and fireworks, like the Fairy Godmother waving her wand and making everything happy. That’s basically what you will get – pay a little money and they’ll swoop in and clean up like magic.

The main Sparkles text was set with a large, swooshy script that I then modified. Unlike most scripts, this didn’t have connected letters. The lowercase a and r, for instance, were separate. I combined them and tweaked the kerning of all of the character pairs manually to keep character flow consistent.

Integrating “Cleaning service” was much more difficult. Choosing a secondary font was tough. I eventually settled on a small caps serif to keep that feel of elegance, as the contrast of using a sans serif didn’t quite fit the motif.

The logo can be reproduced in print in two colors (black and some Pantone orange that I forget), grayscale, or in RGB on the web.

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