CVS Price Shenanigans

I love calling shenanigans on companies, especially when it’s companies that are local to me. I stopped at the CVS (a pharmacy/drug store/what have you) near my office to pick up some gum. After I acquired my three pack of Orbit Citrusmint, I stopped by the valentine candy stand. The pickings seem a little slim this year, and I still can’t find my beloved tart and sour Necco conversation hearts. One thing they sell for their CVS brand are bags of cherry jelly hearts (juju hearts). This morning, I saw that the 7 ounce bags were on sale for 88 cents a piece (they normally go for 99 cents). There was also a larger, standup bag that was advertised as two for five dollars. The amount of cherry jelly hearts in that bag? Fourteen ounces.

Why would anyone except someone who doesn’t read price tags buy one fourteen ounce bag and not two seven ounce bags? Granted, the seven ounce bag has two colors of heart (pink and red), but still, it’s clearly a better deal to pay $1.76 instead of $2.50 for your V-day candy fix. This is one case where buying the bigger package works against you value-wise. Pity, I’d rather have the bigger package.

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