So good friend Ricky alerts me to the fact that there is a Lego MMO being developed. The group that has created the Lego Star Wars, Batman, etc. games have now started work on their own massively multiplayer online RPG, and the idea is certainly interesting. LEGO Universe allows kids (of all ages) to use their Imagination™ (if Lego hasn’t trademarked yet, I don’t know who has) to build various Lego implements and rain destruction upon others. I have been on MMO moratorium since my last bout with World of Warcraft (it didn’t end well), but I may have to give this a try.

I eventually get tired of the MMO grind and a lot of the social aspects kind of stink, since a lot of idiots populated WoW. I did like FFXI but that game had its own set of issues – namely it was stupidly hard, everything needed groups, mixed language groups… Whatever. FFXIV looks interesting, but I may give it a try in passing. Lego MMO, though… how can you pass that up? Hopefully there will be few limitations as to what you can build. Really let you put together your own stuff. That would be the most compelling part of the game.


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