Orbit packaging changes

I picked up a three-pack of Orbit Citrusmint this morning to restock my work supply. I noticed that they’ve fixed the main flaw in the box with a very clever solution. Past Orbit packages have a triangular flap that reaches into a lip that is die-cut into the lower part of the box. This was always a pain as sometimes the die cut was never completely cut and it took some effort to actually open up the lip to slip the flap into and close the package. Then the triangular flap was never really secured into the package; it was just loosely tucked in and could slip open by rustling about in bags, for instance.

Wrigley seems to have solved this problem by redesigning the flap, for one. Instead of being purely triangular, they added a rectangular house-shaped protrusion to the end of the flap. It makes the flap look a little silly when open, but it does close a lot easier. They also changed the die-cut lip so that there is a square hole for your finger to fit into to help separate the lip from the rest of the package. Nice. This allows the now-square addition to the flap to securely lock into place. Overall, it’s much more secure and easier to use, even if the flap does look a little dorky.

The package printing also received some streamlining, at least for the multipacks. The design is much cleaner, with things like the ADA logo tucked onto the backside and less distracting fills and shading. The main box gradient has also been tweaked to give it more body and saturation instead of fading towards white. It gives Orbit a classier feel, which is appropriate, since it is supposed to be a “clean” gum.

On a non-gum related topic, I should have a DoD January review posted soon (hopefully before February goes up), but the sheer amount of tracks makes it difficult to really sort things out. I’ll just have to power through it one night.


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