Boylan Bottle Works

There’s a little deli down the street from where I live. Aside from making nice grinders and having a variety of snacks, they carry a line of sodas I don’t see anywhere else, and that’s Boylan Bottle Works sodas. They usually have the cream, root beer, black cherry, ginger ale, and orange. This is some of the best soda I’ve had in a long time. It comes in glass bottles, made with cane sugar and “natural” ingredients (like juice in the black cherry and orange sodas), and tastes delicious. The black cherry, compared to IBC (which I love) has a bit of a tarter taste to it, which while different, isn’t necessarily better. Where it wins over IBC is that it doesn’t use corn syrup.

I’ve had the ginger ale and orange sodas as well, and both are very good. If you see these around your local deli or small shop, give them a try.

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