Non-Airplane photos? For shame!

Yeah, I gave my hand a go again at concert photography. I have a lot of respect for guys who try to wring out as much as they can from this very tough field. At MAGFest I spent the majority of my time taking photographs. You can see a few here on my photo site. I’ll post a few in this here blog post with some comments on what I did to get them and why I liked them.

Select Start

I tried a lot more available light stuff this go around, and had some success at ISO 1600 and 3200.

This Place is Haunted

Tried to do some more work with crowd shots. This did have flash.



I tried to do some of this available light stuff in really dark scenes like this one with the solo green backlight.

Red and Green Keyboard

Again, more available light with the same subject, but this time with red frontlight and green back light.

OneUps on Stage

This was a try at a more wide angle stage shot to give a kind of feel for what the artists had to work with.

Temp Sound Solutions

It’s very tough to get drummer photos but fortunately Shawn Phase set up his kit right in the middle of the stage, making it perfect to get his great playing going on in a photo.


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