Sony a450

There’s a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in various fora today about the just-announced a450. The a450 looks to be exactly like a 550 except it has no quick AF live view and a smaller screen with no tilting feature. It does have a slightly bigger viewfinder (same as the a200/a100/KM 5D), but is otherwise feature-equal.

There’s a lot of bluster about how Sony doesn’t know what it’s doing from people waiting for an a700 replacement, as if this camera and that one are mutually exclusive. They aren’t, and the camera is also probably has little to do with whether or not the 500 series is doing well, because those cameras have only been out for about two months. I see it more as a tacit admission that the a230/330/380 do not offer much for someone that wants a more traditional SLR at a low price point. There is a lot to like about the camera – if you pit it against the D3000 or Rebel XS, it eats both of them for lunch. I’m just not sure how much more I can take from people saying “YOU AREN’T PAYING ATTENTION TO MEEEE” all these days.

Will waiting for PMA for the a700 replacement really kill people?


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