It’s good to be back.

Well, I may not be back (yet) but Throwback is. I love the new Pepsi/Mountain Dew Throwback packaging. I procured a 12 pack of Mountain Dew for the cool cost of $3, which was quite tasty. The nice thing about Throwback is that it doesn’t have the strong syrupy taste of current Dew. Modern Dew is just a bit overpowering, and Throwback tones it down quite a bit. Unlike Pepsi throwback which seems to have just substituted sugar straight up, Mountain Dew throwback has a slightly different formulation probably meant to imitate late 70s/early 80s Dew. It’s really before my time, but it does remind me more of how Dew used to be.

What’s cool is that here at MAG, I’m able to get specialty sodas pretty easily. I love Leninade, for instance, which is a red lemonade type of drink. Cherry lemonade, I think. It’s carbonated too! Certainly a changeup from Bawls, which I can’t really drink these days. I’m not quite sure what I saw in that stuff, but Cherry Bawls is OK, I guess.

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