Cheez-It Extra Hot and Spicy Snack Mix

This here, this stuff is probably the first Cheez-It product that I regret buying. I generally love Cheez-It products because they’re so goddamn delicious, but I think they misstepped with this stuff. I’ve never seen a box of it, but when I was in my local deli down the street from my apartment I saw a bag hanging on the snack rack. Interesting, I thought. I love hot and spicy Cheez-Its, even though I’ve grown a tolerance to them over the years. I had to give it a try to sate my own curiosity.

Well, these weren’t all that great. The Cheez-Its didn’t taste like hot and spicy Cheez-Its. There were plenty of pretzels, which were OK. There were also some toasted rye chips which didn’t taste particularly hot or spicy and were too rye, if there is such a thing. Lastly, there’s these sort of faux Cheeto like things. They tasted like styrofoam and the “hot and spicy” part was… strangely vinegary. I didn’t like it at all. No sir. Plus, too much goddamn salt!

I enjoy normal Cheez-It party mix. If they just put hot peppers into the spice mix, it would have been perfect. What a bummer. So, my verdict is AVOID.

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