Dumb Shit That Happens During the Day

Today I was taking my niece to the movies. I took a juicebox out of my parent’s refrigerator (Hi-C tangerine or something of that ilk) and stuffed it into my jacket’s outside pocket. Before I picked her up, I stopped by my younger sister’s house to help her move her new TV into the house. As I stepped out of my car and closed the door, I felt it not close all the way. Odd, but it’s been doing that lately (the door jamb has an issue catching). so I didn’t think much of it. When I finished up in her house and returned to my car, I opened the door… to find the juicebox exploded in the door sill. The Hi-C is all over the snow on the ground and thankfully not in my car’s interior.

I couldn’t help but laugh.


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