The Battle of the Large Black Men

In film, there’s an archetype known as the large black man. You know him. He’s black, and he’s large, either in the vertical or horizontal direction. He’s got a deep voice and perhaps a big heart too. There might even be more than one Large Black Man in your favorite film or TV show! If you were to pit these ebony gods against each other, who would win? An interesting question!

So, when you think of large black men, who do you think of? Is it…

Keith David? Best known as the Navy voice-over man, or Goliath. Keith is an imposing figure and probably what a lot of people first think of as a large black man these days.

Kevin Michael Richardson? Known for his deep voice and Bill Cosby impersonation, KMR’s presence can be felt throughout entertainment. If only our voice was as big as his.

Michael Clarke Duncan? He certainly wins for being the biggest overall. That’s got to count for something.

Ving Rhames? Cobra Bubbles, at your service.

Mr. T?  I pity the fool who doesn’t revere this Large Black Man.

Fat Albert? The original Large Black Man, except he’s more like a Large Black Boy. He warms all of our hearts. Hey hey hey!

Michael-Leon Wooley? The newest entrant to the list, Michael-Leon caught my ear after his role of Louis in The Princess and the Frog (which featured two other men on this list, KMR and Keith David).

So, who would win? I’d have to go with Kevin, only because he would fake them all out with his Cosby impression, then seduce all of the ladies with his beautiful manvoice. Join us next time when we have the battle of the Shaved White Men, where cueball heads will face off. Patrick Stewart or John Malkovich? You decide!

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