MAGfest ahoy!

As a reminder, this year I will be attending MAGfest in Alexandria, VA from December 31 to January 3. I may or may not make some blog posts during that time (I will probably write up some posts in advance), but if you are going to be at MAG, I’ll be walking around and photographing the event. I’ll also probably spend some time wandering around Baltimore on New Year’s Eve, perhaps spotting some planes and enjoying crab cakes.

I’m looking forward to seeing some good acts, like Metroid Metal. One thing that I will remember to bring this year (which I didn’t last year) is earplugs to deaden the sound in the concert room. I did photography right next to the amps and drummer and holy shit, I think I took a year’s worth of hearing out of my ears. I’ll also have more CF memory and battery power for my camera, which means more frames of fun.

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