Green Day: Rock Band

Seriously, guys? Green Day had one good album (and half of another one). You can’t seriously put together a game on this. If there was ever jumping the shark, this was it.

I don’t particularly care for Green Day, so I won’t be buying it. But they’ve done DLC before – why can’t the rest of this game be DLC? It better be cheap, like the other track packs – because that’s what this is. A glorified track pack with band-specific models. Either way, I won’t be buying it. I’d rather them spend their efforts/money on Rock Band 3. I guess where it falls is the price. AC/DC track pack debuted at $40 for 18 songs with no custom assets. At the time, people were asking for custom assets. Now, at $20, the AC/DC pack is not such a bad deal. If this is more than $40, I don’t think it will sell very well.

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