The best job in the world has to be working on Mythbusters. Doing SCIENCE, blowing things up, and robots. Could you think of something better? OK, I admit, being a rock star is cool, but hear me out. Imagine spending your days thinking of ways to break things, and do cool stuff in the name of SCIENCE. I could do that all night long.

Yeah, people say Mythbusters isn’t science, but it’s close enough. What’s wrong with you people? Enemies of fun, that’s what you are. You could also watch a lot worse TV than Mythbusters, like, say… Ghost Lab. What a terrible show, and I can’t believe Discovery is giving these guys airtime. It’s almost as bad as Animal Planet doing Whale Wars, though Whale Wars has its own perverse sort of appeal (I enjoy watching douchebags fail).

I think the core of the reason why I like it so much is because I like tinkering with stuff to see how it works. Mythbusters tickles that inner wonder that we have – how do they do it, can I do it, what can I do to make it cooler? I imagine the hardest part of the show is thinking of new stuff to do. They’ve had six years worth of episodes already, and the easy stuff’s been done already. Fortunately, I hear there’s legions of people on the internet sending them ideas every day, so hey, maybe they’re not wanting for ideas.

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