Late TV programs

Dear TV networks:

Start your fucking programs on time. Don’t fuck over people who can’t stay up till one fucking AM to record you programs. Watching a program I’ve recorded get cut off by TEN MINUTES is unreasonable. Fuck off and die. This means you, Cartoon Network, for fucking up my recordings of both The Venture Bros. and Metalocalypse. I’m also pretty sure the reason they ran late was because of all of your QVC-style ads for things like overpriced Henry Killinger neckties. They were quite long (and boring). There’s no excuse for it. Play the ad once in place of other ads, and don’t make shit overrun by ten freaking minutes to satisfy your vanity.

The only thing you achieve by doing this is pissing people off. Yes, the DVR may torch your ad revenue, but that’s YOUR problem, not mine. CN has not been very good in actual delivery of television lately, given their botching of both HD feeds during Venture Bros. and their general wankery with program start times.

So, in short, start your programs on time and do your freaking jobs.

Love, me.


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