US Airways

I have been pretty harsh on what is now US Airways these days. They were last on my list of airlines because they had all (that is, none) of the frills of Southwest with all of the hassle of legacies. Their race to the bottom in terms of fees drives me (and others) absolutely batty.

However, I do have to give credit where it’s due – I flew on US to Dayton over the weekend to head to the Air Force museum and the whole thing went swimmingly. Maybe it’s because I went carryon only (no bags to check) and didn’t have to grumble about bag fees. Their web check in is fairly painless, and the flights I was on this weekend were on time and staffed well. Plus, when I wanted to change seats, the gate agents were more than happy to accommodate my request. Though I was on a tin-can of a CRJ (N201PS and N241PS respectively) on two legs of the trip, it was made much more bearable by having a row all to myself. On the Shuttle leg on LGA-BOS there was nobody in the middle seat (I had the aisle), which was a definite plus. On the PHL-BOS leg there was a free row on the E-190 right ahead of mine, so I could sit behind my friend. We didn’t think we’d be able to do that because the agent said the flight would be full, but I guess some people didn’t make it or changed. Though some FAs were cheerier than others, they did do their jobs well and didn’t walk down the aisles hawking US dividend miles cards.

I guess it’s damning with faint praise when I say “they didn’t screw up and the service was good.”  They didn’t exactly blow me away, but the basics were all there. I probably won’t fly them as a first choice, but I won’t dismiss them out of hand anymore. Just goes to show that good customer service is still the name of the game in any business, and you can win back skeptics like me with hard work.


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