En route to Ohio

By the time you read this, I’ll be at Logan Airport readying to fly to Dayton, Ohio to visit the Air Force museum at Wright-Paterson Air Force Base. My friend Tony and I will be heading out there for photographing and checking out the museum exhibits. We’ve had this trip planned out for a while, and like most things that are planned very far in advance, things tend to go wrong.

The Air Force Museum has an entire gallery dedicated to presidential aviation, including a preserved 707, SAM 26000 – the first jet Air Force One. As luck would have it, on the day we are planning to visit (December 5), the jet is being towed to the AFB Maintenance hangar for a repaint. So there will be no photographing or visiting of the presidential gallery at all.

This, of course, is a major bummer, as I will probably not revisit the museum again for a long time, perhaps ever. It’s just one of those things in life, where when things can go wrong, they will. Hopefully I will have some blog material to write about when I return.

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