My Christmas List

It’s quite short, believe it or not.

1. A 120GB Xbox 360 Hard Drive. My 20GB is out of space thanks to 14 gigs of Rock Band stuff.

2. A One year XBox Live Gold card.

3. One of the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVD sets.

At least, this is the one submitted to the one who requested a list from me (my mother). These are all realistic things. I haven’t written an unrealistic list since I was a child perusing all of the pages in the JC Penny Wishbook and the Sears Catalog. These holiday tomes had hundreds of pages of things I knew I didn’t really want or need but asked for anyway. We all did it as children. So, without further ado-do, here’s my adult unrealistic Christmas List.

  1. Sony 70-400 G telephoto lens.
  2. PlayStation 3.
  3. An ultrawideangle lens, either the Sigma 10-22, or Sony/KM/Tamron 11-18.
  4. A second camera body (preferably full frame like a900 but another a700 is acceptable).
  5. A new couch.
  6. Ion Drum Kit for Rock Band.
  7. A MacBook Pro.
  8. A reverse blade samurai sword.
  9. A 32GB iPhone 3Gs.
  10. A bunch of video games and DVDs I can’t afford.
  11. The life-size Bionic Arm.
  12. A 30 inch massive computer monitor.
  13. A new car.
  14. A new apartment.
  15. A new girlfirend.

Yep, that’s about it. Some day we’ll cross these items off the list, but not for Christmas.

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