Things I don’t like about New Super Mario Bros. Wii

1. The ? blocks are not side-sensitive anymore. In old Mario games, whatever side of the block you hit determined which direction the powerup would go. HIt it on the left side, the powerup would travel to the right. Hit it on the right side, it would travel to the left (backwards). This isn’t a dealbreaker, but it would be useful.

2. Overuse of waggle. I don’t mind motion controls, but in a game where precise actions are important, they are woefully inadequate. I don’t want to waggle to pick things up or to do spin jumps. There’s enough buttons on the controllers. Let me use them, especially if I’m using the nunchuk configuration.

3. The analog stick isn’t. It’s basically the same as the D-pad. If you’re using the nunchuck mode, eliminate the dash button and let us use the analog stick to control our speed.

4. No classic controller support. I don’t mind using the Nunchuck controls but a game like this just feels right with an SNES style controller. It can’t hurt to have more options, especially since the other 2D platformers of late (Muramasa, Boy and His Blob) have supported it.

5. Mario’s a bit too floaty. I haven’t played Super Mario World in a long time, but he controls like a cross between Mario and Luigi from SMB 2. The control just feels a bit too loose for a precise platformer.

6. Extra items you pick up don’t get stored in your inventory. If you’re already Propellor Mario and you pick up an extra propellor hat, it doesn’t get stored in your inventory, you just get points. This feels like a step backwards to me.

The game is very fun, but if these things were resolved, it would have been ultra-fun. Or something of that sort.

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