Whoops. I forgot today’s post.

Well, I didn’t REALLY forget it, because here it is starting you in the face. More like I forgot to write it ahead of time.

I procured New Super Mario Bros for the Wii today. It’s quite fun and just like the Old Days. The box is garish, though. It’s a bright red, not coincidentally the same red of Mario’s trademark outfit. Unfortunately, it’s not quite the same red as the cover insert, most likely due to differing color management techniques (and somebody not REALLY knowing the LAB value of the red). It also has a nice holographic foil stamp Wii logo.

I’m really glad this game will sell a bazillion copies, because I hope it means we’ll get more 2D perspective games again. Bionic Commando Rearmed was a good start. Muramasa and A Boy and His Blob were excellent followups. NSMBW is the cherry on top.

The only real flaw in the game is that you can’t use the classic controller. I’d rather use that control scheme with no Wiimote waggling (for doing the spin jump and tilting platforms). There’s nothing in the game that couldn’t be done with it (tilt platforms with right stick and assign spin jump to a button). The only logical explanation is that Nintendo hates us all.


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