1 vs. 100

Last night, Kyle, Colin and I joined forces for the new season of 1 vs. 100 live. It was fairly fun. It was the first time I had played 1 vs. 100, and the gameplay mechanics are fairly easy to grasp. Simply press A, B, or X for your answer as fast as you can. For someone who enjoys trivia and competing with other people, it’s rather enjoyable. I also enjoyed the live aspect of it. On Friday and Tuesday nights, it’s hosted by some guy where it actually is “1 vs 100.” It has a bit of “Who Wants to Be A  Millionaire” feel about it – you climb up levels of Microsoft Points after eliminating members of the 100 group, or the mob. So long as you keep answering right, you’ll win more points.

Given that there’s over 36,000 people playing last night, my chance of being the one or even in the mob was pretty low. However, it does look like something fun to do on Friday (or Tuesday) nights so perhaps I’ll stick with it for a bit. I do like flexing my trivia skills.

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