Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper came out for Beatles Rock Band yesterday. The second of three preannounced albums (the first being Abbey Road and the last being Rubber Soul), Pepper is one of the Beatles’ landmark albums. It changed the face of rock and roll permanently. Many of the recording efforts that went into Pepper have been incorporated into albums from many artists afterwards. It also drove Brian Wilson insane, which is saying something.

All that being said, how does it play?

I ran through all of the tracks last night on bass and some on guitar. Overall I like the album’s playability. There’s a few curveballs. Since there’s no bass on the bass chart on Within You, Without You, you wind up playing a harmony sitar or another stringed instrument. It’s certainly a curveball but it works. You play the clarinet parts on When I’m 64’s guitar chart. There’s some piano and other stringed instruments mixed all over the various tracks. If you didn’t like Boston’s Smokin’ for doing a non-pure guitar chart, you’ll hate this album. That being said, none of these tricks are new to Beatles Rock Band, so it should be no surprise that they will chart what they can for fun.

My only true disappointment is that the bass clarinet in When I’m 64 is not charted at all. As a former bass clarinetist, it makes me sad. :(

The dreamscapes were very good. The only one I was really disappointed with was When I’m 64’s, which uses an old timey black and white filter. I was expecting something like Yellow Submarine’s take on the song. Within You, Without You looks very much like the one we already have, except it’s extended and changed a bit. The others were nice to look at but didn’t really do anything truly out there (a la Yellow Submarine). It sure felt like a good acid trip, though… not that I know what it’s like to do acid.

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