“It’s Trivial.”

You know what drives me batty? When people say “It’s software, the change should be trivial.” How do you know that? Do you know the programmers, or the code? No? Then be quiet. Suggest features, make note of bugs, but don’t presume to know how “hard” it is. I’ve made this mistake myself, but I’ve learned quickly to change how I think about changes to software and code. I work in QA for a company that develops software, and I’m deathly familiar with our features and our programmer’s tendencies. The most basic stuff can be a struggle to get through sometimes.

There’s also priorities for development in software. Everyone’s got their pet features that they just have to have, but some features are more important than others. There are only so many developers to go around, and the developer that might need to work on your feature could be occupied with something else.

Something I want to address eventually is what I see as “feature creep” in cameras. I see a lot of people wanting X customization or feature, reasoning that “it’s just software.” That may be true, but feature creep is a big problem. I am of the opinion that things should work reasonably in the first place instead of having oodles and oodles of prefs/custom functions. I don’t really have much patience for knob turners. Plus, what will happen eventually is the Microsoft Word-ification of the camera (or perhaps Photoshop-ification) – a UI that becomes so complex to serve so many users that it collapses upon itself. I really need to write up some points to address this more in depth, so that will be coming… eventually.


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