Borderlands is what you get when you combine Oblivion and Mad Max. Guns, explosions, and catchphrases all in the guise of leveling up again and again. The goal of the game is to get more and bigger guns and blow the shit out of bad guys. A pretty simple premise with some silly story about a “vault” on a post-apocalyptic planet. The character customization is not on the same level as a game like Oblivion. Your class comes from one of four predefined characters, and if you want to be a burly bruiser you’ll have to pick Brick. If you like twiddling knobs on your character to tweak every little thing, you won’t be able to do it in this game. However, if you like blowing shit up, you’ll love it.

One thing that drives me absolutely bonkers is the driving control. Instead of driving your vehicle like a normal driving game, you have to use a strange two-stick method to control both the direction of the car and turret at the same time. It’s absolutely maddening even when you get used to it. Being the gunner is definitely the better deal in the vehicles.

Console FPS controls still drive me batty, though. I’d still rather play games like these on the PC. There is a PC version, so if I was going to actually buy the game, I have a feeling that’s what I would pick up. It’s still pretty fun on Xbox, though, and the control isn’t as imprecise so as to ruin the overall fun of riddling a skag full of bullets. I’d say to check it out and definitely play it with some friends, as the c0-op experience is excellent.


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