People who Run Red Lights

Dear drivers in Massachusetts:

Don’t run red lights.

That’s my one request of you. When the light turns yellow, slow down if you can, and stop. Don’t gun it. I’ve been nearly sideswiped or destroyed by five red light runners in the past week. It’s not worth it to run the light. You could get in an accident, and a very bloody one at that. It also disrupts the flow of traffic when you do things that people don’t expect – such as, say, running a red light.  The worst offenders are the guys who take left turns after the light has changed. It backs up the traffic with the right of way, and it starts making cars wait in longer and longer lines since they can’t take advantage of their green cycles.

It also exposes a problem that is generally an issue with drivers in general – the me-first attitude that can be a detriment to all drivers on the road. You know the type – guys who don’t stop before taking their right on red, anybody who texts while driving, people who speed in front of you only to get off at the exit a quarter mile up the road… Ugh.

Oh, and maniac woman who ran the red light while I had a protected left turn – you had a lot of nerve honking at me, given that you ran the light.

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