Samurai Swords!

Man, wouldn’t it be cool to own a samurai sword? I think it would be. Especially if it’s fairly useless at hurting people. I wouldn’t be able to actually DO anything with the sword, mind you – I just think it would be cool to have one. A conversation piece, if you will. Plus, I suppose I could bonk people I don’t like on the head with it, that I could.

I admit I have no real use for a samurai sword. I’ve only held a fake one. It would just be a toy to me, but swords are not toys. They’re weapons – even a reverse blade one. Somebody could still get hurt, and that’s why it would only be a display piece. Still… Samurai swords! The thought of it brings out the kid in me at thinking about how awesome they are.

This True Swords website also has a lot of other interesting swords that may or may not be samurai swords, like Snake Eyes’ battle sword. They also have a Master Sword too, for you Zelda fans in the house. But the one that takes the cake? Lion-O’s sword. You know, from Thundercats. I didn’t think such a thing could be made, but there you go.


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