Todd English’s Ozone at BOS

At Boston’s terminal B (US Airways side), there’s exactly one restaurant before the security checkpoint, and that’s Todd English’s Ozone. It’s not cheap and I don’t really think it’s anything special. Sorry, Mr. English. I know you’re a Boston native and everything, but if they had a Legal’s on the pre-security side of terminal B, I’d go there every time.

The ambiance isn’t bad – it’s got this mood lighting thing going on which is all the rage. The accent lighting on the bar changes colors, for instance. The overall lighting in the place changes based on the time of day. It’s very clever and inviting. A cocktail list greets you at the bar, and none of them struck me as particularly unique. They’re also probably pretty spendy.

I stopped at Ozone on Saturday after an afternoon of spotting on the terminal B parking garage. I met up with good friend Ron Stella and chatted up about that day’s goings on at the airports and camera gear. I had the Vermont Cheddar burger, which came with parmesan cheese fries. I had a coke to drink. The first thing I noticed was that the Coke tasted funny. It felt like it didn’t have enough syrup. It was still drinkable, but this is the second time I’ve had off sodas at a Logan airport. About a month ago I had a Coke (or whatever) at Jerry Remy’s in terminal C and it was off as well.

The burger was all right. It’s not Wild Willy’s, but it was good. The bacon wasn’t very crispy, and the onions were a bit chewy. The parmesan fries were interesting – basically french fries with parmesan cheese instead of salt. Not something you’d expect but they did taste pretty good. Crunchy and the parmesan adds a nice flavor. For $12, I expect better – but it’s an airport restaurant. It is what it is. At least I can eat something pre-security at Logan, unlike Bradley. BDL has no pre-security restaurants except for the one in the Sheraton, when it’s open. I have yet to eat there, perhaps next time I go to Bradley I’ll stop in the Sheraton. I hear on Sunday mornings they have a killer breakfast buffet.

Ron had a kobe beef hot dog, which did look pretty tasty and was probably a better deal (but still a bit spendy) at $9. It came with parmesan fries and some kind of cole slaw. Some of the other menu items looked appetizing but I wasn’t going to spend the dough on them. Sorry, Todd. Next time I’ll take the walk to terminal C and go to Remy’s, which has a bigger selection and is less expensive. They have a pre-security Legal’s there too.

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