Brutal Legend

I’ve been playing Brutal Legend since it came in the mail from Gamefly the other day. Overall, I enjoy the motif of the game, but it has one flaw that drives me absolutely bonkers. It tries to be a real time strategy game without an overview. Even though you are granted the ability to fly above the battlefield, the game’s UI is just not there from an RTS standpoint. You have no idea how many units you have or where they are except when you’re looking directly at them. The enemy units look very similar and are hard to pick out when you’ve got a mess of your guys and enemies fighting. You also have to get right next to arbitrary units to tell them what to do (which could be across the map). A PC RTS would be two mouse clicks away from issuing that command, but in Brutal Legend it’s a bunch of button presses and flying around the map.

There’s nothing quite like going into battle with Dr. Feelgood blasting in the background, but goddamn is the game frustrating to play sometimes. I’d rather just go in as Eddie and beat shit up with my axe all day long.

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