Songs You Always Hear in Pairs

I listen to mostly old music. “Classic rock,” as it’s called these days, but I prefer to just call it rock and roll. I’ve noticed that most classic rock radio stations tend to play several songs as pairs. You rarely hear these broken apart. Why are they played in pairs? Usually because the songs flow together on an album, or they are thematically paired in such a way that it sounds better to play both at once.

Queen – We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions – perhaps the most obvious example. These two songs are never broken apart on the radio, ever. You’ll always hear them as a pair – and for good reason, because they’re awesome.

The Beatles – Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End – This is really the trailing end of the B-side Abbey Road Medley, so when you think about it there’s really a bunch of songs being left out. However, you’ll never hear The End by itself, for instance. This segment of the medley is always played… if/when it’s being played. I haven’t heard it on WZLX in a long time.

Bob Seger – Travelin’ Man / Beautiful Loser – from Live Bullet. Live sets are likely to have multiple songs strung together, but these two seem to be the favorite from the Silver Bullet.

Boston – Foreplay / Long Time – These aren’t really one track, but two that lead into each other. You’ll always hear Foreplay/Longtime played as a pair and never broken apart.

Led Zeppelin – Heartbreaker / Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman) – These are both songs that could be played just as well as singles, but on both WAQY and WZLX I always hear them as a pair. Not that I mind of course – they’re two of my favorite tracks from Led Zeppelin II – but

Most tracks from Dark Side of the Moon – While some tracks from Dark Side are almost never played on the radio, the tracks that aren’t Money or Us and Them tend to be combined together. Speak to me/Breathe, then On the Run/Time, and Any Colour You Like / Brain Damage / Eclipse are combined together, respectively, to form radio play. This is because the instrumental tracks flow into the lyrical tracks and help keep most of the album feel.

Steve Miller Band – Space Intro / Fly Like an Eagle – Though some may consider the floaty synthesizer preceding Fly Like An Eagle to be part of the song, it’s not. Much like Foreplay/Long Time, these two tracks are almost never broken apart.

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